Foster Flowers

Our downtown flowers look beautiful, every year, but that’s not a fluke. We have many hard-working people who make it happen. Volunteers water the flowers, help pull weeds, and keep trash out of the flowers– and that’s a monumental task! We are so appreciative of everyone who lends a hand.

The spring flowers and fall mums for downtown cost almost $3,500.00 every year. Donations to the program are always welcome! If you can, please donate the $50.00 to sponsor the flowers that fill a hanging basket, ground planters, or bench planters, or learn how to water and donate your time too ! Any contribution is welcome and appreciated.

The flower bench project has 11 benches along main street and one at the public parking lot at Somo Ave andnue 2nd Street. We have two more benches being built to go at Big Bear Miniature Golf (though they are not part of the official BID, they are great supporters of the downtown and are only steps away from the Main Street), which will close out that project. These serve dual purpose to showcase additional flowers and provide much needed sitting space.

THANK YOU to all of our supporters, we were able to pay off the H2O Labor Saver 28″ Wrap Around light pole containers in the first year. We are researching options to improve our ground flower containers to a water saving system, and look forward to continuing improving the beautification of downtown.

Speaking of improvements, our design team is working with the City of Tomahawk to bring in additional garbage receptacles to downtown. We know the importance of having a clean downtown and are addressing the now current need to improve our waste disposal options. Fundraising efforts have started, and any additional funds we receive will go to this project.

If you would like to contribute to the foster flower program or the garbage receptacles, please mail your contribution to the address below.  Please contact the office if you would like to pay with a credit card.

Tomahawk Main Street
P.O. Box: 131
Tomahawk, WI 54487

If you have any questions regarding these great programs, please reach out to us at 715-453-1090.

Feel free to contact us with questions and/or comments