Honor Banners


Vinyl banners 2’ wide by 4’ high

Held onto lamppost with 2 brackets (top and bottom)

Each banner would include a picture of the veteran, branch of service, when/where they served, sponsors

Picture/Wording on both sides

8” x 10” picture needed (can be enlarged to proper size by Vicky’s Photo Shop for approximately $5)

Creating/selling 20 Honor Flags per year

Honor Banners will be displayed downtown on West Wisconsin Avenue from spring through fall each year, then given to the Veteran/family

Sign up sheets available at the Main Street office and WJJQ.  Completed forms, 8 x 10 photo, and $250 payment must be returned to WJJQ.

Contact:  Heather Smith     heather@wjjq.com     453-4482